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Water Regulating Valve

Water Regulating Valve
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Line Controls by Castel

Castel began manufacturing operations in 1961. From the beginning, Castel had a clear vision of their mission.  To make quality the fulcrum of their manufacturing operations.  Castel where among the first Italian industries in the mechanical field, in early 1990 s, to achieve the ISO 9000 certification. Castel consider quality to be a global commitment, with the goal of high standards and reliable delivery being paramount. Years of world-wide success in the industry of the components for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning made Castel a healthycompany.


Castel product includes


   Thermostatic Expansion Valve

   Solenoid Valves for HVAC-R

   Solenoid Valves for Industrial Applications

   Safety Valves and Accessories

   Check Valves

   Hermetic Valves

   Receiver Valves

   Stop Valves

   Diaphragm Valves

   Rota lock Valves

   Capped Valves

   Ball Valves

   Globe Valves

   Gauge Mounting Valves

   Line Piercing Valves

   Water Pressure Regulating Valves

   Liquid, Moisture and Oil Indicators

   Oil Level Regulators